X1Ops Aerospace Operations Technology Hub


X1Ops is the Future of Global Business Jet Aircraft Management.

X1Ops provides subscription services for Flight Department Operations on recurring or per incident flight operations.

The new FOS Mobile App for iPhone and iPad brings all the essentials of scheduling and flight planning to your fingertips.

A must have app for aviation professionals on the go. Works online and offline.

FOS Mobile requires FOS companion desktop application (version 3.11.4 or later) and/or International Trip Support Services, provided by Rockwell Collins ARINCDirect Flight Services.

Flight Operations System (FOS) on the go with access to:

  • - Aircraft Schedules
  • - Trip and Leg Details
  • - Crew Duty times and Briefing
  • - Flight log Entry
  • - Expense Submission
  • - Maintenance Item Visibility
  • - Safety and Service Issues
  • - Document Management
  • - ARINCDirect Flight planning Integration
  • - Flight Risk and Fatigue Integrations

Tools Rockwell Collins International Trip Support including:

  • - Trip Creation and Submission
  • - Complete Trip Details
  • - Access to Permits and Handling Information

Included for the iPad is a Worldwide offline Airport Directory:

  • - Lookup Airport information when offline in flight
  • - Text weather (Metars, Tafs, Pireps, FD Winds, 7 day forecast)
  • - Notams (all types)
  • - Rockwell Collins Fuel Prices
  • - Hotels (vendors/FBOS)
  • - Local area information

X1OPS New Management Methodology, Philosophy and Technologies addressing Streamlined Management, Fleet Planning, Utilization and Maintenance of the Current Technology and NextGen Business Jets.
Aircraft Management

  • Comprehensive Aircraft Management
    • Improved Financial Performance from Your Aircraft Investment
    • Greater Utilization and Higher Revenue Rates of Return
      • Charter Programs for Private Aircraft
      • Charter for Corporate Flight Departments

Flight Operations Management

  • Flight Operations Department Management for:
    • Private Owners Part 91
    • Corporate Flight Departments Part 91
    • Flight Operations Management for Jet Charter Operators Part 125 and 135
    • Flight Operations Management for Air Carrier Part 121

Aircraft Maintenance

Maintenance Operations Management for:

  • Private Aircraft and Corporate Aircraft MRO Planning, Consulting and Scheduling
  • Repair Stations Part 145

Aviation Services

  • Flight Operations and Aircraft Staffing
    • Pilots
    • Dispatchers
    • Flight Attendants
    • Mechanics
    • Ramp Service

  • Aircraft Sales and Brokerage
    • Appraisals
    • Potential Purchaser Demonstrations
    • Sales Financing and Transaction Processing

X1Ops SmartPhone App
X1Ops DashBoard Management